Rudi De Nardo was born in Turin in 1955, and graduated in Architecture in the same town.

After graduation he begun to work in London, and specialized in private residences, mostly for the arabic citizens who were settling in the British town.

Then in 1987 he moved to Porto Cervo, in Sardinia: this is a well known luxury resort place, that was founded in the sixties from a group of wealthy people, among whom there was Karim Aga Khan, the Prince of Ismaili, an important muslim community.

Here Rudi De Nardo designed a lot of luxury villas, many of whom have been published on the most important specialized magazines (Architectural Digest, Ville & Casali, and others) and also on some book like, for example, Living in the Coast.

Among his customers he has mainly Arabs, Germans and Russians. The variety of nationalities is a stimulating factor, as help to deal with many different mentalities, and satisfy different tastes.

He is also specialized in business premises, shops, hotels and restaurants, as he started this activity far before his graduation. This is a particular branch of architecture, and implicates a serious and continuous research regarding how the commercial activities are carried on.

Another branch is the design of yacht  and aircraft interiors, that is an even more specific subject than business premises. This requires a continuous research on new materials and finishes, besides a perfect knowledge of life on a yacht or an aircraft.



Since 2006 the architect has been often travelling to the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and always returned with an an enthusiastic mood for the masterpieces of architecture that arise in these countries.

In 2013 he was commissioned by the Islamic community to design the new Mosque for the town of Olbia: he was proud to receive such an important task and put all his skills in this challenge. After facing some difficulties, finally the Mosque arose, and it represent a landmark in the panorama of the city.

Starting from January 2015 he founded two companies, one in Ras al Khaimah and one in Dubai, for architecture and design.

The office of the companies is situated in one of the most representative buildings in Dubai: Wafi Residence.  The interiors of the office are made from a furniture factory which whom Arch. Rudi De Nardo strictly co-operates: Visentin Casa from Rosà (Vicenza), which is specialized in high standard furniture with handcrafted details such as lacquer and inlaid.

Studio ARCHIMAD DESIGN LTD and RUDILUX INTERIOR DESIGN IMPLEMENTATION LLC can provide full services from preliminary project to rendering animation and to construction supervision, until the most apparently unimportant detail.